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Sister Paula Dukehart

Through the years, there has been, for me, an ever-widening understanding of our call as SSNDs, as vowed religious. Our current directional statement, 'Love Cannot Wait,' for me is just that sense of the enthusiasm. The energy, the passion that I have within me is not given to me to keep but only is going to thrive as I give it away, as I expand and broaden my concerns and connections with others."

Sister Paula Dukehart

"I think woman today who are discerning a vocation have so many possibilities before them. What I would say with regard to consideration of religious life is that it’s difficult for anyone to know all the possibilities that this life can provide.

"You almost have to see if to believe it. The unlimited possibilities for interacting with people in many different settings. Education and personal development and deepening your own faith life and your relationship with God. The opportunities and possibilities for that personal growth but always with a mind and eye to how to I provide these kinds of opportunities with others and for others.

"Being part of something bigger than yourself, being connected as part of this congregation and international congregation in service to the needs today - and there are crying needs throughout our world. The possibility to be a part of that bigger response to the cries today is very heartening, energizing and certainly worth being a part of."

- Sister Paula Dukehart, SSND


Sister Paula Dukehart (right) helps a sister with her corsage during the 2014 Jubilee Celebration in Wilton, Connecticut.

Sisters Paula Dukehart (front left) and Josephann Wagoner in the chapel for the 2014 Jubilee Celebration at Villa Notre Dame in Wilton, Connecticut.




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