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Sister Norah Anne Oyagi

In this Year of Consecrated life, I thank God for all persons who have journeyed with me all the way and how they have helped me to respond to God’s call. I endeavour to encourage others who are interested.  Indeed, God is faithful!"

-Sister Norah Anne Oyagi

Sister Norah Oyagi is area bursar and a nurse at Holy Spirit Hospital in Sierra Leone. 
  Sister Norah Anne Oyagi as a novice in 2006.

Ahead of her time

“As early as 12 years old, I found myself developing an interest toward church-related activities. My parents took us to church every Sunday, and mom will encourage me to join the choir. My parents and Aunt Rose, who continue to be instrumental in my life and commitment as a woman religious, recognized that I could read and articulate well earlier on. I was encouraged to sign up for Scripture Readings during liturgies and later could be called upon to help incase a lector did not show up. This was probably the beginning of a deeper interest in religion and ‘the Sacred.’

“At the end of my primary education (eighth grade), at the end of  one Sunday Mass, a Father Masese, asked candidates interested in joining the priesthood to apply for a vacancy at a minor seminary for secondary education. Impressed at the thought of becoming a priest later, I thought that it would be wise to study at a minor seminary in preparation. Little did I know that I was ahead of my time and the church!”

Undeterred in her vocation

“Entertaining this idea, I went home after mass and talked to my parents about the announcement. My dad was amused, and, of course, he corrected this thought flow by saying that seminaries are only for boys. Somehow, I was not convinced. 

“The following Sunday I went to the priest and presented my case, asking for application forms. The priest, of course, smiled and gave the obvious explanation. However, he did refer me to a youth/vocation group which was founded later and animated by the parish priest, Father Mokaya. Many vocations have been nurtured in this group including my own.”

God is faithful

“In 1990 I got contacts for SSNDs from a friend, and I was amazed at how quickly the vocation directors – Sister Maris Simon and later Sister Mara Frundt – responded to my letters. The warm welcome of the sisters kept me in touch. That was the beginning of my contact with SSND, and following years of study and discernment, I entered in 2003."

- Sister Norah Anne Oyagi


Sister Norah Anne Oyagi in northern Sierra Leone with SSND Africa's Retirement Committee in 2014.


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