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Sister Maureen Michael Byrne


Jubilation by Sister Maureen Michael Byrne


Celebrating creation in all its beauty

“I often wonder why I have been so blest to be called to religious life. Definitely, the Holy Spirit through my mother and father, both very faith-filled and faithful people were open and willing to give their children in whatever vocation back to God.

“In my high school days, it seemed everyone was going into the convent, and now most of them are out and married. I actually did not want to go with the crowd and didn't. I went to college, and worked. I thought every now and then about religious life, and it was after a parish mission and my reading Teillard de Chardin’s The Devine Millieu that I sought counsel from a priest.” 


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Joy and openness 

“I met the SSNDs through my mother. It was the joy and openness of the sisters that convinced me to take the risk … and so I asked to enter the community. Here I am 50 years later, thrilled to be doing God's work in the field of Art and Spirituality.

“What keeps me here is the commitment I made at profession, the joy and love I share with my sisters and the willingness on the part of the community to support me in my art ministry. My body of work is very eclectic – some whimsical, some spiritual, some sculptural. I have been gifted with the ability to mentor children and adults. 

“My mission statement in part, says it all: I commit myself to celebrate creation in all its beauty and wonder and sharing that aesthetic experience with my fellow travelers on the journey of life.”

- Sister Maureen Michael Byrne


Sister Maureen Michael Byrne with some of her paintings and sculpture Healing Mandela by Sister Maureen Michael Byrne

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