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Sister Mary Odundo

I would like to thank all my formators at the different levels, all members of my SSND congregation and my parents, siblings and friends, whose love enables me to hear God’s call in order to respond with love. My message to those who nurtured my vocation is to continue burning the flame of our days and let it burn with the love of Christ.”

- Sister Mary Odundo

A need to work for the Lord

““My call to religious life was ignited in 1982 at my brother’s ordination. The peak of the celebration was when the deacons were prostrating as the congregation prayed the litany of the Saints over them. At that point, I felt that I needed to work for the Lord, but I did not know how.

"After the ordination, I went home with a joyful spirit and, at the same time, with a questioning heart deep within. ‘How can I work for the Lord?’ Since I was only 12 years old, I did not understand the powerful experience at my brother’s ordination.

“Like a passing cloud, the feeling went away until one day I encountered a little girl who was traumatized after the death of her mother. The aunty of the girl requested that she live with me at my work place. I was touched by the young girl’s experiences."

  Sister Mary B. Odundo provides health education to children suffering from diabetes as their guardian watches.

Listen to Sister Mary Odundo's "Create in Me a New Heart Lord" (left) or click here to download or print a pdf of the lyrics and music."


Sister Mary Odundo enjoying nature.

Responding to God’s call with love

“Besides experiences, our charism also had an impact on my call to religious life. Hence, the elements within our charism of unity and enablement of individuals to reach their full potential attracted me to join our congregation.

“My vocation directress faithfully journeyed with me and I am at home with School Sisters of Notre Dame. My home is Kenya, but I have also ministered in Sierra Leone and Ghana."

- Sister Mary Odundo


Transforming the world through education