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Sister Marcie Solms

Sister Marcie Solms (right) visits with Sister Mary Lorenzo Schuster during her 100th birthday celebration in May.

A cookie connection

"This past May, I was happy to be invited to Notre Dame of Elm Grove (Wisconsin) to celebrate Sister Mary Lorenzo Schuster’s 100th birthday. Being in the presence of this centenarian led me to remember that I first met Sister Lorenzo when I was a preschooler in Port Washington, Wisconsin. 

“My mother would do the weekly grocery shopping for the large St. Mary’s convent. When mom and I returned with bags and bags of groceries, we enjoyed a fresh homemade cookie as a ‘thank you.’ That weekly connection with Sister Lorenzo and those delicious cookies were definitely a part of my vocation story.

“My call was further nurtured and deepened by my experience of the SSNDs as my grade school teachers. They were good educators, demanding yet caring. I loved school and wanted to teach others following their example.”

Be happy, human, free

“My early call has changed and grown over the past 40 years as an SSND. Supported and stretched by community living, challenged and affirmed in my various ministries, I continue to believe in religious life and in our future as a congregation.

“What message would I share with women today who may be thinking about religious life? I would share with them something my spiritual director shared with me while I was in formation and discerning God’s will for me. He said, ‘God only wants three things from you, to be happy, human and free. And wherever you can be all three, that’s where God wants you to be.’

“I can honestly say that I have been happy, human and free (most days) as a School Sister of Notre Dame. I invite other women to risk and experience this life style. You will definitely discover it is a life giving, blessed way to make a difference in the lives of others.”

- Sister Marcie Solms, SSND

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