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Sister Maria Dominica Sento

Sister Dominica Sento (left) at her final vows ceremony.

Transformed by love

During the first 15 years in my life, I was lonely. I did not like school. I did not like home. I felt like I had nowhere to go. I could not trust anyone.

My life was completely changed when I entered Notre Dame High School in Kyoto, Japan. I got to know a religion, Christianity, and the School Sisters of Notre Dame for the first time. I enjoyed my school life with SSNDs, teachers, and classmates.

At that time, there were many more SSNDs in our schools. I loved them. I felt I was loved by them. That was a new start of my life. That was how I was led to baptism and later joined the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

'... do the same to others"

Today, I am on the campus ministry staff of Kyoto Notre Dame University. Students who experience loneliness similar to mine often visit our office. I do not teach anything. I do not try to convert them. I just welcome them, listen to and do something with them.

 “I am loved by someone.” I think this is very important for anyone. As I felt I was loved by SSNDs, now I try to do the same to others.

My life as an SSND never has run smooth. Every moment in my community and ministry is a challenge. Nevertheless, I am very happy. Thank you, Jesus. I thank you, SSNDs all over the world who are both living and have already deceased.

- Sister Dominica Sento, SSND

Sister Dominica Sento (standing at the back right corner of the table) with students at a Christmas party at Kyoto Notre Dame University.


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