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Sister Bernadette Amimi

Touched by the SSND spirit

Sister Bernadette Amimi (standing on far left) as a novice. On November 14, 1992, Sister Bernadette and two others became the first Nigerian women to be professed as School Sisters of Notre Dame.
Sister Bernadette Amimi (far right) celebrates with Sister Oyin-oza Asishana, who made her profession of final vows in 2012.

I came to know the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1988 and was touched by their accommodating spirit and their apostolate geared towards teaching, particularly of the girl child. In a way, I felt called to join them in spreading the message of the Gospel through the teaching apostolate.

I shared this with my parents and my senior sister who graciously supported my desire to become an SSND. I thank my parents for my happy memories and my sister who truly encouraged me to stand by my beliefs and told me I could make it by God’s grace.

A strong urge to serve God's people

This call that started many years ago continues to evolve as I grow in my relationship with God and strive to make this come alive by reaching out to people in the community, in my ministry, our workers and wherever I find myself. 

The strong urge to serve God’s people through teaching based on today’s reality relates to our directional statement in the sense that the love of God is the one thing that urges me to continue wherever I find myself and in whatever I do.

(Sister Bernadette lives in Uyo, Nigeria.)

- Sister Bernadette Amimi

Transforming the world through education