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Sister Barbara Paleczny

  Three days after Sister Barbara Paleczny gave blood for little Achol, in the Abyei Region of Sudan, the child was sitting up and doing well.

Experiencing God’s love

“Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger said that applicants to SSND need a sense of adventure, a cheerful personality and love of God. These also tell who I am. From childhood in a large family in Ontario, Canada, my greatest gift is experiencing God’s love for me personally and for all.

“Love gives me compassion for those suffering any injustices. One of my challenges is being courageous, wise, patient and bold … as needed.  Of course, I make lots of mistakes.  Daily I pray, 'God of the Universe, can you handle this mess (in my relating or in our world)?'  She flicks her hand, ‘Of course!’ and we laugh.” 

Opportunities beyond imagining

“Being a sister gave me opportunities beyond my imagining.  I have been incredibly blessed to work with others in collaborative ways. Examples abound: learning how to teach in elementary/secondary schools and university; developing a School for Lay Leadership in Spirituality and Justice in Ontario, Canada; being a board member for Canadian, Ecumenical, Social Justice Coalitions; and initiating The South Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

"Refugees" by Sister Barbara Paleczny, original acrylic painting on canvas   "Together with Jesus, Mary, Mothers Theresa and Caroline (in dreams and prayer)" by Sister Barbara Paleczny, original oil painting on canvas

“Now as a member of the creative, global project, Solidarity with South Sudan, I teach in our teachers’ colleges, and I give workshops on ‘Healing from Trauma’ and teach others how to do these workshops.

“Painting my prayer and dreams helps me, an introvert with extensive extrovert ministry, to renew and heal from life’s bruises. Loving children and people generally, I enjoy swimming, walking, reading, nature and music. 

  In her "I didn’t Even Know You," an original acrylic painting, Sister Barbara Paleczny says she has “ come to know Mary in a new way.”

Trust and Dare

“How privileged I feel to be a sister and to share with our brothers and sisters in South Sudan, to be bread that is blessed, broken and given . . . to be wine poured out, all in Jesus the Christ, for others.

“If a woman thinks God might be inviting her to become a sister, I encourage her not to miss the opportunity. Trust and Dare!”

- Sister Barbara Paleczny


Visit Sister Barbara Paleczny's website to view more of her art. 

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