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Thursday at the UN Conference for NGOs


Sisters Ann Scholz, Pamela Jablon, Stephanie Spandl, Anna Marie Reha and Eileen Reilly are attending the UN NGO Conference.

Sustainable Development Goals

With experiences that included roundtable discussions on sustainable development and human rights, as well as workshops on topics ranging from global ethics to social media, the School Sisters of Notre Dame attending the United Nations DPI/NGO Conference in New York are developing concrete ways to implement ideas in their ministries and lives at home.

At the roundtable discussion on human rights on Thursday, Moderator Ignacio Saiz, executive director for the Center for Economic and Social Rights, noted that the Sustainable Development Goals are an opportunity to recognize areas like human rights and equality, which are not adequately addressed in the Millennium Development Goals.

At the roundtable on Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Ecosystems, Moderator Diallo Shabazz, director of sustainability education and partnerships in New York City, noted how the world is interconnected and the importance of thinking about natural resources differently.

Complex Problems


“We are looking at complex problems that are going to take complex solutions,” said Sister Anna Marie Reha, SSND. “I was struck by one of the talks today that looked at energy, water and food and where we are at with those situations in our world today and the disparity between who has and who hasn’t.

“If we we’re not moving forward we’re moving backward and that made me realize that any small step we take to move us forward is so important. It reminded me again that whatever I do in my own personal life is so important.”

Coming together to dialogue


Sister Stephanie Spandl said she has been impressed by how people from all over the world have come together to dialogue, truly believing that they can make a difference.

“Another speaker spoke about having the duty to be bold,” Sister Stephanie said. “That resonated with our (SSND) General Chapter Call when we speak of audacity. It seems like our own call as well as what is happening the NGOs right now has a similar theme. The world is calling us to be audacious, to be bold, to really believe the world can be better.”

Participants in the roundtable discussion on human rights gather after the session to answer questions.  


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