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Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, longing for the oneness of all in God, grounded the congregation in Eucharist, anchored it in poverty and dedicated it to Mary.


Sisters Judith, Millicent and Terngu

Sister Judith Cheptoo Sambu

professed in july 2011

Sister Judith Cheptoo Sambu first felt called to religious life when she was about 12 years old during the ordination of a priest in Kenya.

“At that time I didn’t know that there were people who were women religious,” Sister Judith said. “That was the day I saw them for the first time. I admired them and I wished I could be one of them. That remained in me for a long time. When I entered high school, I met some sisters. I wanted to know more about their life. 
“In 2001, something happened a few days before the feast of the body and blood of Jesus. I felt a call within, but I wasn’t ready. So I didn’t listen, and that really affected me.  I was disturbed and without peace. The day we celebrated Corpus Christi, I prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament to know what God wanted from me. By the end of that day, it became a turning point in my life. I had peace within, and my attitude towards religious life changed.”
After this turning point, Sister Judith sought out an SSND who had been to her parish some years earlier. She began attending their seminars and visited them in their community. 
“The first time I visited the community, I was welcomed, and that touched me,” Sister Judith said. “There were other things that I observed – togetherness, openness and trust, and prayer life. These made me felt at home.”
Sister Judith teaches at Mary of Peace Catholic School in Ghana and lives in community with three SSNDs – from America, Kenya and Nigeria. 

Sister Millicent Achieng' Oduor

professed in july 2013

Sister Millicent Achieng’ Oduor grew up in Kenya with four sisters and two brothers, and she credits her large family with providing her with the ability to interact with many different people. 
“I first had an deep desire to be a religious during my first holy communion, and I prayed with it and shared it with my parents though I went about my daily undertakings as usual,” Sister Millicent said. “When I was in secondary school I was encouraged by the headmistress, a Franciscan Sister of St. Joseph who also had been trained by the SSNDs. The attraction for me to SSND was the simplicity of the sisters.
“The blessing of living religious life is being in a community that is witnessing to unity amidst diversity. This gives me hope that indeed all can be one as Christ’s mission on earth states. The love, concern and support for one another. The effort and focus towards the common good. The challenge is the call to selfless love which Christ invites me to each day.”
Sister Millicent lives in The Gambia, where she is a counselor and school librarian at St. Edward’s lower basic school. She also assists the girls in the hostel with counseling, choir and faith sharing.

Sister Terngu Emmanuel Sule

professed in july 2013

The firstborn of seven children, Sister Terngu Emmanuel Sule grew up in the heart of Nigeria, where the Tiv tribe lives on both sides of River Benue, one of the main rivers in the country. The area is predominantly Christian with a high percentage of Catholics.

 “I was aware of my vocation to religious life as a child, and my motivation at that time was the veil,” Sister Terngu said. “However, my understanding has grown beyond the veil. One day, I shared my desire of becoming a religious to my friend who is a SSND. She handed me the brochure and while going through it, I became inspired and applied. 
“My first visit to the Mkar community as an interested woman was a memorable one. I experienced a great sense of hospitality, love and unity among the sisters and became more inspired with the spirituality and the simple lifestyle of the SSNDs. I have received the gift of unity in diversity with love and appreciation.” 
Sister Terngu teaches in Notre Dame Primary School in Banjul, The Gambia.





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