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Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, longing for the oneness of all in God, grounded the congregation in Eucharist, anchored it in poverty and dedicated it to Mary.


Sisters Maria, Lucy and Eti-Ini

Sister Maria I. Gomez

professed June 2013

Sister Maria I. Gomez was attracted to the School Sisters of Notre Dame because of the sense of mission which they displayed.

“They were making a difference in our world, and I wanted to be a part of that,” Sister Maria said. “I felt drawn to Eucharist and believed in Mary’s intercession in my life. Thus, I felt that I could answer God’s call by joining the sisters in community.”

A native of New Braunfels, Texas, Sister Maria lived and taught special education there before joining the School Sisters of Notre Dame. She first considered the idea of religious life after hearing a speaker discuss vocations at a conference in San Antonio. In the years that followed, additional encounters and conversations led her to gradually begin thinking “that perhaps God was calling me.”

At another event, sisters from several congregations gave brief presentations about their communities. 

“Sister Christine Garcia, SSND, was the vocation director at the time,” Sister Maria said. “When she spoke her face radiated. I thought to myself, ‘What does she have that the other sisters don’t have?’”

Over the next few years, she met with Sister Christine and visited with other SSNDs, including the sisters who live at St. Mary of the Pines in Chatawa, Mississippi.

“At night when I was praying, I felt a voice saying, ‘Maria, why are you searching? This is the place.’ On the way home I asked what I would have to do to become an affiliate. Thus, I began my journey with the sisters.”

Sister Maria lives in Dallas and is a pre-kindergarten teacher at St. Augustine Catholic School.

Sister Lucy Clement Etim

professed july 2013

For Sister Lucy Clement Etim, being a School Sister of Notre Dame has blessed her with the richness of diversity, broadened her world vision and shaped her perspective.

Sister Lucy, who is from Nigeria, made her first profession in Ghana and currently lives in Kenya. Her first call to religious life came during her first Holy Communion in primary school.

“I felt a special call to dedicate my whole life to Christ with an undivided heart and mind in service and deep relationship,” Sister Lucy said.

“What drew me to SSND was the simplicity of the sisters when I first met them; the way they interacted with us touched me; the hospitality and the kind of education that they gave to us helped bring out the potential in each one. I was helped to gain a lot of self confidence and share my talents with others and not feel shy. That was a significant moment in my life and I was touched and wanted to be like them to help others, serving God in that way as an educator.
“Today, I feel glad to be a School Sister of Notre Dame and minister with a world vision that the world can be transformed through education. The challenge of living religious life for me is to what extent I should be involved in the world to serve and witness against the diseases of secularization, consumerism and divisions.” Sister Lucy teaches math at St. Francis Girls Secondary School in Kiptere, Kenya. Her responsibilities include helping to coordinate the activities of the Shalom/Young Christian Students Club.

Sister Eti-Ini Solomon Udom

professed july 2013

As a child, Sister Eti-ini Solomon Udom participated in several church organizations, and it was in one of these groups, Bloc Rosary Crusade, that she was so inspired by a sister that she began contemplating serving God through religious life.

“Her life made me long to share the same joy I received when I was with her and with other people, especially the children
and youth,” Sister Eti-ini said.
“My love to serve God as a religious grew each day even though I did not have it easy with my parents, but I thank God they eventually saw the seriousness and perseverance in me and finally gave their blessing for me to pursue my joy and happiness. Today, I am happy I had the opportunity to face this difficulty because it deepened my quest for God, and I now receive all the support I need from my parents to live this life joyfully as an SSND.
“I was drawn to the School Sisters of Notre Dame because of their simplicity in lifestyle, their love and devotion to the poor, their generosity with time and their energy in ministry towards education. As a member of an international community, I see the blessing in the unity that God has gifted us with in the midst of diversity and the beauty of community life. This is a great gift, but it is also challenging and calls me to live consciously in love, trust, forgiveness and openness with my sisters in community every day of my life as an SSND.”
Sister Eti-ini lives and teaches at Our Lady of Apostles Girls’ College in Akwanga, Nigeria.


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