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Immigration Resources

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National Migration Week

- The U.S. Catholic Bishops have named National Migration Week 2016 to take place January 3-9. The theme, "A Stranger and You Welcomed Me," reminds us that the call to welcome the stranger plays an important role in the lives of faithful Christians and is a particularly central place for those of us who work in the migration field. You will find an assortment of resources that can help with your celebration of National Migration Week 2016 on the USCCB website. (posted 12-22-15)

Citizenship Test

- Do you think you could pass the Citizenship Test that is required of immigrants who seek to become citizens? Check out the questions here. You'll note that applicants would be given up to 10 questions and must answer 6 out of the 10 to pass.

Who qualifies for President Obama’s immigration offer?

- The Washington Post's very helpful flow chart explains who is eligible for President Obama's immigration reprieve. (posted 12-16-14)

Corporate Stance on Immigration Reform

- The SSND Atlantic-Midwest Province overwhelmingly approved a corporate commitment to comprehensive immigration reform legislation for the United States during the AM Provincial Assembly Dec. 8 in Wilton, Connecticut. Read the full press release here. (posted 12-15-14)

USCCB Document

Relief for Immigrants - Read what our United States Catholic Bishops say about the need for a more humane view on immigration. Also view a simple analysis by the Jesuits on President Obama's Executive Action on Immigration. 

Rights Tool Kit

Know Your Rights - English for Speakers of Other Languages Tool Kit - Father David Hollenbach, S.J., has shared this resource developed by the Boston College Migration and Human Rights Project, Women Encouraging Empowerment and Casa El Salvador. The materials, teachers' guides, student lessons and FAQs were developed with a legal team so legal information is infused throughout the lessons.

The Tool Kit follows a popular education framework and was created to weave rights literacy into ESOL instruction.  The two current units address issues that impact migrants, and especially undocumented migrants:  Basic Human Rights, and Knowing Your Rights in a Car Stop.  Designers hope to add additional units throughout the year on preparing for possible immigration detention and deportation, including issues related to child custody.

SSND Newsletter - Spring 2014

Justice for Immigrants - by the Immigration Core Committee of the SSND Atlantic-Midwest and Central Pacific Provinces

Desperate Journey - American Odesseys

- A look at the issue of immigration in the United States, by IRIN, the humanitarian news and analysis service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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