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Pray With Us

"Prayer is our continuing response to God's continuing call to mission."
— You are Sent, Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame


Lenten Prayers

Cosmic Redemption

Designed by Sister Gen Cassani, SSND, these beautifully illustrated Lenten reflections on "Cosmic Redemption" invite you to "Behold the sacred in everything!" 

Download the packet here, and take time this Lent to wander through the inspiring patchwork of selections to ponder - quotes, images, questions, prayer rituals and resources.

"Allow your creativity and imagination to choose the times and spaces when you want to pause for growth; learn something new; be awed by silence or birdsong; create something new from something old; write a poem; draw your favorite tree; collect twigs from your yard and create a crucifix of your own; or look and listen intently or intentionally for the presence of the One who holds us together in love."

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