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Advent Retreat 2013

Stained glass scene of the Holy Family from Notre Dame Girls High School in Kyoto, Japan.


  Advent Retreat Calendar Week Dec. 22-25
  Fourth Week of Advent

The North American Vocation Ministry Team welcomes you to our Advent Retreat. We are happy that you will be praying with us as we prepare our hearts and minds for Christ’s Birth.

We hope that these daily reflections, offered by SSNDs throughout our North American provinces, will be a source of light, encouragement and hope along your journey of faithful listening to God’s call.

Click here for the Advent Calendar, which lists all of the daily reflections. They will be accessible one week at a time, a few days before the start of the week. Feel free to pray these reflections at your own pace.

For more information about the School Sisters of Notre Dame or to speak to a vocation director email us at or call us at 618-303-9322.

Let us, in these days especially, go to the crib of Jesus with the poor shepherds and the holy wise men. With them let us also offer homage and sacrifice to him, so that we may share in the peace of God which the angels announced to all of good will on the fields of Bethlehem."

- Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger, SSND Foundress

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